Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trampoline in the Washing Machine

The broken spring on the washing machine has thrown the machine out of balance so when it does the final spin it really slams around. I did some checking on the internet and they gave me the impression that the main bearings were shot so I bought a new set of bearings and a new drive belt. After I opened the machine it was easy to see the spring was broken. After I ordered a new spring I remembered that the neighbor once gave us an old trampoline so, I went to the storage and brought one up.  As you can see the trampoline spring is longer. The temporary spring does hold the drum up but since it's longer I have to pull it over to one side.

I am getting ready to run the washer. I have the machine connected to the garden hose, cold only, plugged it into my outside power.  Ran a load with the drain hose on the ground, the machine is on my furniture mover.  It ran a full cycle with no trouble but I can hear that there is something in the drain filter, which I didn't know the machine had, so I will have to get the pliers and pull the drain hose off to get at the filter.  This will be an annoying job but not impossible.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Can't afford power door opener

I wanted to make it easier for Julia to get in and out the front door but could not afford a power door opener. I put an eyelet in the top left corner of the door, another in the bottom of the shelf where the door stops when full open. I ran a clothes line rope through the eyelet under the shelf to the one in the door, tied it off at the door​, put a weight on the end.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Moving tulips

I have been trying to get the tulips out of the roses. They didn't start out that way the roses just kept coming out till they took over the whole area. It is hard to dig a must the roses without getting scratched.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gas Works

This is the start of the gas works, they were nice about it all and dug up the flowers before digging the hole.  Then they drove the new line horizontally to the back yard to connect with the new line across the front yard.  They re-plumbed the gas line into the house for the new pipe.

After they finished they filled in the hole and packed the dirt back down, if the don't sod over this I will be able to plant flower  bulbs and level it off myself.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Making a storage shelf unit

This is the pocket jig I use on all the boards to hold the shelves in and the ends where the belong.  The main body is glued in the corners and at the base.

This is as far as we got when the weather looked like serious rain.  We also started to make mistakes, so time to quit till we got rested.